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I tried TruBrain and…

TruBrain is here and is the plot of Limitless a possibility now?   I tried TruBrain for a week because I wanted to get as much help as I could since I was about to take the GRE. I mean it couldn't hurt me, could it? Did it turn me into a human computer and expanded my knowledge base to the point I could recall everything I have previously seen, read or heard? Not at all,...

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Entrevista con Sara Castillo

Sara Castillo aka The Street Styler El día de hoy he entrevistado a una Nomada con mucho estilo. Sara Castillo, o mejor conocida en redes sociales como The Street Styler, a ido viajando por el mundo marcando tendencia y mostrándonos como es la vida de una blogger. A post shared by Sara Castillo (@thestreetstyler_) on Jan 25, 2016 at 7:37pm PST Para conocer un poco más de esta exitosa y bella Mexicana, le realice una serie de...

Netflix Hunting: Queer Eye

Queer Eye From what was formerly known as 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' comes its modern, provocative, relatable and Netflix produced updated version 'Queer Eye'. This time around they have dropped the "for the straight guy" (this was also dropped from the original but it stayed in the psyche of the viewers) as the show is more open and does not rely on stereotypes since the new Fab 5 help every type of man no matter...

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Drink it up: “Cha Cha” by Big River Brewery

Nomads we roamed and we found a sweet flavor to makes us dance…Cha Cha was its name From Pharr, Texas we get a dose of something special not only due to the playful nature of its name but also through the flavor that makes it up. It's a light blonde ale that easily traverses our body as it provides a refreshing feel from each sip. The name of this beauty is "Cha Cha" (yes like...

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Amazing Nomads around the World: Jonas Bindernagel

Jonas Bindernagel This section will be dedicated to all those wonderful people that I met during my travels and have done amazing things during their short lives. The first interview is with my beloved friend Jonas Bindernagel whom I met on 2015, during my first backpacking trip in Costa Rica. He comes from Switzerland, one of the cleanest, well-organized and most beautiful countries in the world. He lives in a village next to the mountains near...