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Interview with French Music Blogger: Sodwee

Meet Sodwee - What drove you to write about music? I was travelling extensively for a living, being a Flight Attendant for a rather famous airline based out of Dubai, UAE and was chronicling my adventures back then. And every time I got to a new country I would pick some local music and write about for the growing readership I had at the time. I was also video blogging or blogging at the time so...

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Interview with Singer/Songwriter/Actor: Ian Colletti

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNgI2sRzr8I[/embed] [su_divider top="no"] -What keeps you grounded and in tune with people and yourself? At the end of the day, I’m just a kid from New Jersey who really likes getting up in front of people and performing. That’s it. Whether it’s acting or music, whether I’m playing music at a little coffee house or performing on a television show, that core of who I am is the same. I try to not let my success or...

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Short Interview with Josh Radnor of Radnor & Lee and TV/Film fame

Quick chat with the man behind the story of how you meet a mother: Josh Radnor Before we dive into the few questions we were able to ask Josh I would like to share something pretty cool about him and that everyone should know. Josh Radnor is not only a fantastic actor/director but he is also ...

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Interview with Welsh singer/songwriter Violet Skies

[su_divider top="no"] Nomad-Being 1/2 of BitchPlease, what inspired it? How would you describe it? Violet Skies - Charlie McClean exec produced my EP, and we wrapped the production in Berlin, went for coffee and she said she'd love to do an all-girl camp, replicating the experience we had doing the EP together. Once I've got an idea in my head I won't drop it, so I convinced Charlie it was 100% possible and we found the...