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Nomads listen to:”Isic Tutor” by Xavier Dunn

Artist: Xavier Dunn Song: Isic Tutor Release Date: 2018 Signed with: 1825 Records Country: Australia Genre: Indie Pop Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Poetry was set in motion the minute Xavier Dunn started writing this track and thinking of the melodies to house it. The track is magical, beautiful and has something about it that makes it feel and sound as if from another plane of existence. It caresses the most perfect union of melodies and the softness of...

Nomads listen to: “Fighting” by Machine Age

Artist: Machine Age Song: Fighting Release Date: 2017/2018 Signed with: Unsigned Country: Australia Genre: Indie Rock Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Australian indie artist Adrian Mauro aka Machine Age delivers a mesmerizing and truly honest song with his latest single "Fighting". He speaks to the listener in a way that we can relate and truly connect with each sentence within it. The song takes life and the experiences in it and embraces the uphill battle to make sure dreams...

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Nomads listen to: “Ketamine” by The Khanz

[su_divider top="no"] Artist: The Khanz Song: Ketamine Release Date: 2017 Signed with: Vienna People Records Country: Australia Genre: Indie Pop/Rock Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Listen to an electric and catchy masterpiece by a band from Australia who is sure to enter the airwaves of listeners across the globe. This time around we are focusing on the hypnotizing and energy filled visuals of the music video for their song "Ketamine" which is part of their 2017 album 'Mistakes that nature made'....