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Nomads listen to: “Fieras” por Thermo

Artista: Thermo Canción: Fieras Año : 2017 Firmados con: TDG Records Pais: Mexico Genero: Rock Independiente en Español Redes Sociales: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram La talentosa banda de Guadalajara nos trae algo de su nuevo material discográfico con el video musical para su canción "Fieras". Thermo demuestra con esta belleza musical del rock independiente en español porque es una de las bandas mas queridas y respetas en la escena musical por ya una década no solo de Jalisco sino del...

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Review: ‘Precious Art’ by Rozwell Kid

Rozwell Kid – Precious Art (2017) Signed with: SideOneDummy Records Country: USA Genre: Punk-Rock West Virginian indie rock/power pop outfit Rozwell Kid comes up with their fourth studio album Precious Art. In a year when Weezer didn’t give us a great follow-up to their acclaimed “white” album (Weezer, 2016), Rozwell Kid steps up with a line-up of heavy guitars, melodic leads, two-part harmony solos, and pop-punk sing-along choruses. Precious Art channels the heavy power pop songwriting of Rivers Cuomo,...

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Nomads listen to: “An Answer” by Bearoid

Artist: Bearoid Song: An Answer Release Date: 2017 Signed with: Helsinkipro (ES) La Belle Musique (FR) Noon Pacific (USA) Champagne Records (IT) Neonized (ES) Country: Spain Genre: Indie Pop Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Indie pop artist Bearoid delivers another must listen song that adds itself perfectly to his evergrowing catalog of songs that have the capacity of becoming instant classics. The track is pop with nice doses of funk, electronica and something special that only he can bring. It is truly a song that you just fills you...

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Y nos vamos al concierto con: Bearoid

Antes del Concierto Os voy a contar de una manera ilustrada (gracias a @preilabras) lo que ocurre horas antes de un concierto. Son momentos a veces tediosos y a veces intensos, pero mi cabeza suele ir tan loca que casi no soy consciente de las cosas que ocurren. Por suerte, nos llevamos a Carlos Preil a un concierto que hicimos en el festival Europavox en Francia para ayudarme a recordar, y no sabéis lo que...

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Interview with Welsh singer/songwriter Violet Skies

[su_divider top="no"] Nomad-Being 1/2 of BitchPlease, what inspired it? How would you describe it? Violet Skies - Charlie McClean exec produced my EP, and we wrapped the production in Berlin, went for coffee and she said she'd love to do an all-girl camp, replicating the experience we had doing the EP together. Once I've got an idea in my head I won't drop it, so I convinced Charlie it was 100% possible and we found the...

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Nomads listen to: “Ketamine” by The Khanz

[su_divider top="no"] Artist: The Khanz Song: Ketamine Release Date: 2017 Signed with: Vienna People Records Country: Australia Genre: Indie Pop/Rock Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Listen to an electric and catchy masterpiece by a band from Australia who is sure to enter the airwaves of listeners across the globe. This time around we are focusing on the hypnotizing and energy filled visuals of the music video for their song "Ketamine" which is part of their 2017 album 'Mistakes that nature made'....