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Interview with French Music Blogger: Sodwee

Meet Sodwee

– What drove you to write about music?

I was travelling extensively for a living, being a Flight Attendant for a rather famous airline based out of Dubai, UAE and was chronicling my adventures back then. And every time I got to a new country I would pick some local music and write about for the growing readership I had at the time. I was also video blogging or blogging at the time so I always made sure I had a kickass soundtrack to the vlogs I edited and published. This is what got me into reviewing new music and the blog has since turned into a full-on music blog because I’ve stopped flying for a living.

– What shaped your music taste at first?

It’s very hard to define one’s own taste. But I would usually go for the more upbeat, happy tracks I could find to soundtrack those vlogs and blogs back then. Something that would stick cinematographically. But of course, the premium taste came from listening to Jack White’s White Stripes band and being a fan of his garage rock, blues and punk-is output. I was his number one French Fan, still am and gotta say that White Stripes fans, in general, have got a wide palette of taste whether it is in Blues, R&B, vintage rock, classic rock and country at wide.

– How did the name came to be?

The name Sodwee came from the acronym of Sound Of Da WEEk a horrible blog name I penned years back (before I even started blogging) and so used Sodwee to register a domain name. It was appropriately short (six letters), no one was using it online, and easily memorable. So I went for it. And have since stuck to it.

– A place in Paris that any music lover has to go to?

Tough question because there’s a few venues. But right now, if you want to experience a great concert, you’d need to get a band playing at Le Trianon, with its red velvet tapestry and vintage concert venue decoration in true Parisian style. If you want to listen/attend a club concert I’d suggest the steamy bar-restaurant-club combo named Le Pop Up Du Label in the 12th arrondissement (close to Bastille) for their eclectic line-up of usually up-and-coming bands out there that aren’t sufficiently known yet to fill up larger venues. It’s often sweaty, cramped and a very good night out!

– So far, most memorable concert? Why?

The White Stripes. Any concert. Just because, they’ve forged the music aficionado that I am now. And because you won’t know what The White Stripes are about until you’ve seen them performing live. Unfortunately, they’re no longer a band. So I can only suggest the Under Blackpool Lights DVD and live recording which is just beyond magical to watch.

– Where can you find some hidden musical gems in Paris?

Espace B venue in my own neighbourhood of the 19th arrondissement or even the Point Ephémère in the 10th arrondissement. Great underground venues, amazing line-ups and good vibes.

– Best place to get your grub on in the city?

So many places damn. This is hard. Ok, I’ll stay local in my arrondissement (the 19th) and say that you could eat a decent Japanese fusion at KOKO Bistro that I’ve just discovered not too long ago. Otherwise, I suggest following the best advice that is: if a restaurant is full there’s a good chance it serves good food.

– One place in the city that all tourists must visit? Why?

Butte Chaumont park in the 19th arrondissement again. A beautiful park set inside an old quarry, with vast lawns, hills, and viewpoints. A great destination for a picnic in the spring/summer days.

– Vinyl, mp3, cassette or cd? why?

Vinyl for the sound output and roundness to the music that is played through a record. Then 320kbps MP3 minimum for the daily ease of use.

– Most prized album in your possession?

The White Stripes – The White Stripes.


– Where do you see Sodwee in the future?

Hopefully in the same sort of place, providing musical nuggets in a way or another. With more readers from around the world.

– Three artists you currently can’t stop listening to?

1/ Ayelle
2/ Caroline Rose
3/ U.S. Girls

-Any chance you’ll come to the US soon?

Nope. I have never been drawn to the United States much. There are many more beautiful places around the world to see first in my opinion. Seen New York, Houston and Los Angeles and wasn’t super impressed (maybe New York was my favourite out of the three). But yeah, not too keen on the United States to be honest with you. And more so since the Donald has been elected to the White House. The USA have clearly gone down in my esteem.

– Word of advice to all the dreamers, the hopeful, the writers, the musicians, etc out there?

Keep at it. Believe in your craft, hobby, art, passion and do what keeps you happy. Regardless of cost, regardless of what people will say. You’ll eventually win big.

interview-with-french music blogger-sodwee-music-indie music-new music-lifestyle-france-moda-musica-musica nueva-style by nomads-stylebynomads-style by nomads blog

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