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I tried TruBrain and…

TruBrain is here and is the plot of Limitless a possibility now?


I tried TruBrain for a week because I wanted to get as much help as I could since I was about to take the GRE. I mean it couldn’t hurt me, could it? Did it turn me into a human computer and expanded my knowledge base to the point I could recall everything I have previously seen, read or heard? Not at all, because that’s not the point behind it. The point behind it though is to assist you and refresh and polish what the brain already does through a healthy and fine tuned blend of natural ingredients. It provides you with the vitamins, proteins and such that improve on the capacities of the brain. In other words it was like taking a protein shake, but instead of helping with your muscles helped with your brain.

The trial

I got a total of 10 packets on my trial and it was recommended to take two packets a day (One in the morning and the other I took it after lunch in the afternoon) so that I could get use to it. It all came in a really stylish and cool box that had each packet in an individual and neat order, plus it came with instructions and basic information on what you are going to digest (calories, vitamins, ingredients, etc). I started exactly 5 days prior to the exam in order to take advantage of the “effect”. Quite frankly while it did not make me see letters take shape and form as in the GIF below, it created a sort of imaginary idea that helped myself stay motivated and filled with a sort of confidence. In reality my mind gave it more power than it had actually had since I only took it for 5 days and they actually recommend a constant dose (for at least one month I would guess) in order to see actual effects on your memory recall, information retention and more.

Last words on the subject

It’s not a miracle drug that was pulled out from the movie screens to real life, it’s food that assists with keeping your brain healthy and ready for more. Please don’t try to take it and think that you’ll write the next great American Novel, discover the cure for cancer, become a millionaire, or get everything the easy way just because you drank from a nifty orange packet You still need to study, be prepared and take a good look at your positive and negative points in order to take advantage of what you have. Also TruBrain is one option out there, there are also exercises that you can look up and train yourself to improve on what you brain is capable of.  Plus there are studying methods that work on different people depending on their personas. Lastly it’s always about simply asking yourself: Is that really the best you can do? … if the answer is no, then you now know why you are not meeting your goals.

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Angelo Peixoto
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