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Drink it Up: “Nomad” by Real Ale Brewing Company

Nomads we roamed and we found a sweet nectar…a Nomad

From Blanco, Texas comes something really special for those who like to drink and enjoy a fine beer, say hello to the Belgian Style Blonde of your dreams: the Nomad. A fine beer crafted and brewed by the Real Ale Brewing Company from the Lone Star State (Texas).

This beer caught my attention first and foremost for the name (for obvious reasons), secondly for the beauty in the design of the classic bottle and the color palette chosen, and lastly after tasting it…I knew I hit gold. The beer has a certain duality about it that is really intoxicating as you feel the light and inviting flavor of the blonde family with a hint of something stronger that comes from the fact that the beer is 7% alcohol (most commercial brands are at around 4.5%). This one is not one to chug like if you were in a college party, this one is to be enjoyed in a fine glass and sip it slowly really capturing each part of the flavor. The beer will thank you for that as it provides an experience within each sip that goes perfectly with a tasty hamburger and a good talk.

The Nomad is truly one to keep in your refrigerator eagerly waiting for the weekend to come and become a soothing trophy for a good work week. It provides all the necessary ingredients to become a favorite of many, but sadly this favoritism will not last forever as this fine ale is on a limited release basis. But while it’s here let us enjoy it and sabor each sip.

Described by the geniuses behind it as the following:

“As we wander through the wide world of beer, we find ourselves evolving as nomads of sorts. Germany, Belgium, and the US alike have all infused in this culmination of our travels. We start with the noble roots of German hop varietals, ferment with our favorite Belgian yeast strain, and finish with a touch of American hop panache to bring it all together. The finished beer combines spice and clove with herbal citrus and a bright tropical finish. With depth and complexity we display the fruits of our years of travel.”


  • ABV: 7.0% | IBU: 30 | OG (PLATO): 15.5°

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Review by:

Angelo Peixoto
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