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Short Interview with Josh Radnor of Radnor & Lee and TV/Film fame

Quick chat with the man behind the story of how you meet a mother: Josh Radnor

Before we dive into the few questions we were able to ask Josh I would like to share something pretty cool about him and that everyone should know. Josh Radnor is not only a fantastic actor/director but he is also … an amazing singer and 1/2 of the indie duo Radnor & Lee (the other half is none other than Ben Lee). Plus he is a really prepared professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Kenyon College and a Master of Fine Arts in Acting from New York University’s Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts. So when it comes to being artistic and creative it’s definitely near impossible to get any better than him.

And now without further ado…the interview

You have a new show coming soon to screens across homes in America, What can you tell us about RISE?

Josh – It’s a drama based on a true story a high school English teacher in a blue-collar Southwestern Pennsylvania town who took over the school’s theater department. It was created by Jason Katims who did Friday Night Lights and Parenthood. It’ll be on NBC in the spring. And if I’m allowed to say such a thing: It’s really good and I’m super happy to be a part of it.

Anything you can share about the film you are directing: The Leaves?

Josh – It’s kind of a spiritual thriller set in India and New York, a super exciting, trippy film about karma and reincarnation, among other things. It’s on hold for the moment, for logistical reasons. But I have every intention of making it. I’m hoping to direct another film I wrote this spring.

As an actor what motivates you and inspires you to take a role?

Josh – On one level, it has to be something I feel I can do well by, that I have some emotional connection to the character and journey. But at this point I also look for things that scare me a bit, that push me out of my comfort zone. I’m also really conscious of what story I’m helping to tell. I really ask myself if it’ll be useful in a larger sense. I steer clear of things that feel toxic or exploitative and insulting to people’s intelligence It’s a holy opportunity to get to tell stories and I try not to waste that opportunity. I also write a lot and direct movies and now I have a band (!!) I like doing other things. I enjoy taking time between projects and being really thoughtful about when I do something and why.

“There is more possible than you can imagine. The possibilities are only limited by our capacity to think bigger.” – Josh Radnor & Ben Lee

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