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Drink it up: “Cha Cha” by Big River Brewery


Drink it up: “Cha Cha” by Big River Brewery


Nomads we roamed and we found a sweet flavor to makes us dance…Cha Cha was its name

From Pharr, Texas we get a dose of something special not only due to the playful nature of its name but also through the flavor that makes it up. It’s a light blonde ale that easily traverses our body as it provides a refreshing feel from each sip. The name of this beauty is “Cha Cha” (yes like the Cuban dance) and it is one of the best surprises you’ll find when it comes to microbreweries and their product.

The beer is one that you can enjoy with ease as you find yourself in a conversation that is pleasant and you wished never ended. It has a nice color about it that shows signs of being crafted with the utmost care and the aroma is simply intoxicating. There’s a great combination of ingredients that can be felt in each sip and there’s something about it that simply transports you elsewhere…home, with your friends or if you are lucky to the home of this amazing brew.

So if you’ve never been to the Rio Grande Valley and you are one of those who enjoys a good beer – you now have a good excuse. Visit Big River Brewery and they’ll surely be ready for you with a cold one from their amazing selection (Among them “Cha Cha”).

Described by the geniuses behind it as the following:

drink it up-cha cha-by-big river brewery-Pharr-Texas-artesanal beer-indie-style-lifestyle-independent brewery-south texas-Rio Grande Valley-travel-taste-style by nomads-stylebynomads-style by nomads blogCha Cha Blonde is a slightly sweet golden colored ale.  Its low bitterness and clean, crisp finish makes Cha Cha Blonde an easy beer to drink all year round.


  • ABV: 5.1% | IBU: 20 |

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Our Review is based on the guidelines found at BeerAdvocate.

Review by:

Angelo Peixoto
Style by Nomads

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