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Nomads listen to: “Sideways” by Lauren Ruth Ward


Nomads listen to: “Sideways” by Lauren Ruth Ward


Artist: Lauren Ruth Ward

Song: Sideways

Release Date: 2017


Country: USA

Genre: Indie Rock

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Indie rock darling Lauren Ruth Ward delivers a magnificent and mesmerizing showcase of old school rock melodies and charm that knows how to embrace the modern music scene. Not only that, but the track has something about it that makes it feel surreal and otherworldly as it unfolds beautifully right in front of us. Plus the visuals are inviting and fun as we are able to see the talented songstress with her band and friends having fun, being who they are and becoming one with the feel of the song. “Sideways” is a perfect getaway song that pulls you in without hesitation and you just fall for it immediately. So listen to what Lauren and company have to offer and enjoy their latest musical creation.

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Angelo Peixoto
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