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Interview with Welsh singer/songwriter Violet Skies


Interview with Welsh singer/songwriter Violet Skies


Nomad-Being 1/2 of BitchPlease, what inspired it? How would you describe it?

Violet Skies – Charlie McClean exec produced my EP, and we wrapped the production in Berlin, went for coffee and she said she’d love to do an all-girl camp, replicating the experience we had doing the EP together. Once I’ve got an idea in my head I won’t drop it, so I convinced Charlie it was 100% possible and we found the funding and did it. Fast forward to 9 months later and we were running the UK’s first all girl camp, 70 women, 5 days and more than 50 songs. Insane.

N-What would you take from the “SheWrites” production camp that took place this September? Something that just hit you?

VS – It was just overwhelming – the support we’ve had means next year is looking pretty exciting, we’re going international 🙂

N- Something you would tell every little girl, every teenager, every woman out there? A piece of advice or empowerment?

VS- Don’t be embarrassed to make music, speak your mind or make mistakes – I make mistakes all the time and constantly embarrass myself, but you realize no one really notices except you.

N-As the world evolves, do you think we are heading in the right direction? What else can we do to ensure everyone has a voice and men and women can truly be treated as equal all across?

VS- We’re heading in the right direction, I feel like my generation totally get it – at least voting results show that we care about what’s important. I’d like to see people stop asking ‘are you a feminist?‘ and instead asking ‘are you a chauvinist?’ – equality of the sexes isn’t a novel idea anymore, if you don’t believe in it, take a good look in the mirror.

N- Got a little serious up there, but every once in a while is necessary to really push something positive and worth knowing.

VS- No, I love it!

On the lighter side….

N- One place you would recommend anyone to grab a drink? how about a bite?

VS- Zinc in Downtown LA, or Timberyard in Soho, London.

N- What drives your sense of fashion? is it comfort, style, something else?

VS- Simplicity, comfort but also art. I like to wear stuff that’s interesting to look at. It’s fun! I’ve been on an all-black vibe for quite a while, I just like the simplicity, but I’m branching out a bit. Maybe I’ll wear colour in 2018.

N- Clothing brand that seems to do no wrong in your eyes? Why?

VS- Reformation have some amazing stuff all the time, and their use of recycled materials is pretty amazing. Carbon neutral fashion

N- What would you say is your personal mantra or philosophy in life?

VS- Change is the only thing you can count on, embrace it. Also, stop wasting time on people/things that make you unhappy.

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“…I’d like to see people stop asking ‘are you a feminist?‘ and instead asking ‘are you a chauvinist?…”

Interview by:

Angelo Peixoto
Style by Nomads

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